Welcome to the Splendent Clinic

Dr. Ina Xhaxho

“Splendent” Clinic Dr. Ina Xhaxho is a specialized medical center to perform all the necessary dental services. The peculiarity of this clinic is the dedication and commitment to people with disabilities through the general anesthesia service, where the patient is put to sleep with a cocktail of medicines. All dental services are performed in a single session by specialized doctors who take the utmost care of patients.

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Contact with the clinic

You can contact us via our phone number +355 68 904 2488, email [email protected], social network even physically approaching the clinic.

Dental advice and prevention

Once the dental visit has been carried out and the prevention calculated based on the services the patient needs, he goes to the dental treatment.

Situation after dental treatment.

After the patient has received the necessary dental services, he is required to show maximum oral hygiene and it is recommended to come to our clinic for a dental examination every 6 months.