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Who we are

”Splendent” Clinic Dr.Ina Xhaxho

For years it has been located in the "Dott. Roland Xhaxho ”, the“ Splendent ”Dental Clinic Dr. Ina Xhaxho, had the advantage of supporting a qualified staff at the hospitals with the most modern equipment. Our staff specializes in dental services for People with Disabilities (Autism, Down Syndrome, Epileptics, etc.), Heart patients, Diabetes, etc.

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“Splendent” Clinic Dr. Ina Xhaxho

Specialized medical center

Hygiene, Disinfection and Sterilization

In our clinic we offer the highest standards of hygiene according to the rules of the protocol.

Prof. Dr. Roland Xhaxho

Cardio - Resuscitator Anesthetist

What is general anesthesia?

General anesthesia is the most reliable method for you and your health. It is a solution for every patient with disabilities and for those patients who are dental phobic (fear of the dentist).

Patients with disabilities are almost uncooperative with the dentist and most dentists find it impossible to diagnose and fix their problem. Based on the studies conducted, in this group of patients it was noted that poor oral hygiene and tooth decay are problematic, therefore dental care is needed. So far in our dental practice we have treated a considerable number of patients with disabilities.

Most of our patients are autistic children, followed by those with Down syndrome, quadriplegics, epileptics and not a little was the number of dental phobic patients, i.e. patients who have extensive vomiting reflexes, making it impossible to perform dental procedures in conditions normal.

General anesthesia as the only solution!

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Initial procedures to follow:

When to come to the clinic:

The first step is to complete the dental record which includes the patient's medical history, the treatments that have been performed and that will be performed. The card contains the patient's radiographs, the various analyzes that he may have performed and the signed consent for special treatments. The medical record is a forensic document. Maintaining privacy is absolute in our clinic.

The first visit consists of a conversation about your concerns, the clinical examination and, if necessary, an X-ray examination (panoramic or intraoral dental X-ray).

Any type of procedure that can be performed in the mouth, such as fillings, surgery, dentures, etc. It is very important that the oral cavity is as clean as possible to avoid the spread of germs.

In cases where for various reasons you need to cancel your appointment at the clinic, please notify us in advance.

  • Specialized medical staff in Italy
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  • Conditions for patients with disabilities
  • Maximum hygiene and sterilization
  • European quality facilities
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Our staff

In the composition of our team we have intertwined long years of experience with European professionalism

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